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Brand Champion Health Check eBook
AdvanceMarketWorx                                                Download PDF

Tough Demands to Galvanize Marketing Communications
DTC Perspectives, March 2011                                    Download PDF

10 Ways to Win With Patients and Improve DTC Efforts
DTC Perspectives, December 2009                              Download PDF

How to Get Patient-Centric                                Download PDF
MedAd News, November 2009

Video Games: Key to the Future of Healthcare?, August 5, 2009

Can Healthcare Games Change the Game of Healthcare?, June 15, 2009 / Guest Blog

Games: The Next Frontier for Pharma Marketers, June 12, 2009 / Guest Blog

DTC 21st Century Navigating the Uncertainties of Social Media      
DTC Perspectives, June 2009                                            Download PDF

A Practical Guide to Improving DTC ROI              Download PDF
DTC Perspectives, June 2008

10 Costly Pitfalls of DTC MedAd News                     Download PDF

Reprinted with permission MedAd News, May 2008




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