Is Your Current DTC Program Optimized?

Consider these ten critical questions to help ensure your current DTC initiatives are achieving maximum impact and ROI. 

  1. Is your current positioning competitive and differentiating?  Does it tell a unique and relevant story?
    • Are you targeting the highest potential segment that your product/service can appeal to?
    • Is the brand promise as strong and motivating as it can be?
    • Are the ‘reasons to believe’ the strongest support for your promise?
  2. Are your DTC communications as breakthrough and motivating as they need to be?
    • Is the communications platform based on a strong consumer insight that your product can uniquely solve?
    • Are communications breakthrough and motivating to target audience? Unique vs. competition? 
    • Do you have the right creative mix to appeal to your target segments? Is the creative worn-out?
  3. Is your DTC program engaging consumers beyond traditional TV or print one-way push advertising? 
    • Are you creating 2-way dialogue and conversations with your customers? Speaking in their language and voice? Creating added value for them?
    • Is trust and authenticity part of your dialogue and conversations?
    • Are you able to create a sense of community, or peer to peer conversations?
    • Do you have a social media strategy and plan in place?
  4. Are you surrounding your target consumers where they are? Is your media strategy maximizing media dollars to achieve optimal reach and impact?
    • Are you leveraging off line and web media synergies?
    • Spending at competitive levels and on the right media tactics?  Spending on the right off line and web properties, media dayparts, print vehicles?
    • Spending innovatively and with unique creative formats?
  5. Are your DTC visuals and communications/messages integrated across consumer touchpoints and tactics, including off-line and web, awareness and relationship marketing, conversion and retention? PR? Are communications consistently leveraging your brand platform and positioning?
  6. Are you speaking the same language, with the same key messages as physician efforts to encourage the right conversations between physician and patients/caregiver?
  7. Have you monitored your back-end operations to be sure that it’s in shape to support brand initiatives? Are phones ready to be answered, IVR scripts optimized to generate maximum lead generation? Web SEO optimized? Fulfillment/outbound communications going out as planned? Consumer marketing involves enormous detail to achieve effective execution and requires continuous focus to insure that the elements of the programs rollout coordinated and synchronized.
  8. Have you assessed potential ‘leaky buckets’ across the consumer pathway from awareness to conversion to filling prescription to adherence to minimize lost sales and negative ROI impact?  Are pricing or managed care considerations having a negative impact on trial or repeat?
  9. Are you spending the right amount to optimize brand growth and ROI? Is your ROI where you think it should be? Are you comfortable with your ROI measurement plan? Are your objectives realistic?
    • Are you comfortable with the metrics identified and measurement plan in place?
    • Are ROIs measured consistently across consumer and physician tactics?
    • Is there an on-going process to assess metrics and competition, and make changes as needed in a timely fashion?
  10. Does the marketing team have the skills and experience for top-drawer collaboration with external DTC/P partners?  Are the internal processes able to support DTC efforts in a timely and efficient manner?  Do you have the right partners in place to help you achieve strong creative and execution?



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