Do you have early stage, pre-launch products?

Consider these ten critical questions to help ensure your brand(s) in early-stage development flourish:

  1. Have you mapped out your competitive landscape, considering all potential competitors?

    Have you anticipated their next moves?

    1. Do you have an intimate understanding of all your potential customer(s) and how they interact and influence each other?
    • For each customer, who are the highest value targets? Key influencers?
    • What are their unmet needs, attitudes and behaviors? How do they view the world, and your category/brand?
    • What is the impact of the condition or business in the marketplace? Have you assessed the value and or impact? ie. pharmoeconcomics…

  2. Have you done exhaustive scenario planning?
    Have you nailed down your priorities, your critical success factors for successful commercialization? Your business potential with different product/service offerings, claims? Regulatory or legal implications? Competitive threats/actions? FDA/government interventions?

    Are you working far enough in advance to maximize business opportunities?

  3. Do you have the right team in place to optimize the brand?

    Enough of the right quality and quantity of resources and expertise inside and outside the organization: cross functional, key agency partners, consultants?

  4. Is a tight global assessment in place to assess regional, country priorities and issues?

    Are any unique product/claims needed?

    Are positioning and marketing needs the same or different? What can be leveraged?

  5. Are you considering and actively planning for the business’ full life cycle now?  Doing what is necessary to launch but laying groundwork for the future?  
    • Potential future switch Rx to OTC?
    • Future clinicals?
    • Future indications and claims in new areas?
  1. Is the market ready for your new product/service or does it require education and extensive pre-market activities?

    If so, have you identified when and how to best prepare the marketplace?
  1. Is a transition plan in place that will ensure excellent movement from development to commercialization/ launch?
  1. Do you have ongoing top management oversight, feedback and buy-in/involvement?

    Is the team enjoying upfront and strategic dialogues with top management that reflect a tone of honesty, respect and optimism?
  1. Are you set up to benefit from robust feedback?

    Have solid metrics been established along the way so that a rigorous and healthy assessment can occur, and the right decisions made without political delays?

  2. Is  there a spirit of openness, honesty, innovation and collaboration across the team and company?



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