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We challenge ourselves on each project to find an elegant solution: the best way to use resources to achieve an excellent result.

Our signature balance of creativity and rigor powers growth, profitability, and learning, and positions brands for further success. 
We wish to thank our clients and their partners for their excellent work and for the privilege of working with them.

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bulletAvanir – PBA Disease Education, Glover 'Actor'


The Challenge:

Having a TBI or neurologic condition is bad enough. But nearly 2MM people living with these conditions are often faced with another bewildering indignity – uncontrollable outbursts of crying or laughing. Most are unaware that there’s a name for this – PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA).

Although necessary, disease education is challenging. The condition itself sounds like a “Saturday Night Live” parody of an imaginary disease. And the people who have PBA have neurologic difficulties, making it tough to follow complex messages. Whatever we did had to be extremely simple, while giving credibility to an unknown condition and motivating patients and caregivers to take action.

Elegant Prescription:

Strategically we pursued an unbranded TV campaign to generate awareness and response among symptomatic patients and caregivers to act as a lead gen tool. ‘Hand raisers’ receive the educational PBA info and follow-on branded CRM materials. The objective was to drive meaningful dialogue between patients and their physicians to increase accurate diagnosis and ultimately trial of the first and only FDA-approved treatment for PBA.

Creatively, we decided the best person to navigate this tricky path would be an actor. Actors are trained to laugh and cry on cue, making them uniquely qualified to address people who have no control over their emotional outbursts. In our spot, a legendary actor, Danny Glover, demonstrates his ability to switch laughter and tears on and off on command and explains the neurologic disconnect that causes PBA outbursts. He encourages viewers to get the facts at, a robust site with educational content, physician videos, patient stories, and the opportunity to request a “PBA Facts” information kit. Mr. Glover also appears in print, in-office brochures and digital media.

Press play to watch the commercial.

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Champion Results:

  • “PBA Actor” scored in the top quartile for ASI ‘breakthrough.’’
  • Significant increases early on in PBA awareness (+20pp), driving the most symptomatic to speak with their doctor (+25pp).
  • In market response data: In the 1st 6 months, over 200,000 [website developed by MotionStrand] unique visitors made 800,000+ page views. And cost per qualified lead (CPQL) lower than goal.
  • Most important, people living with PBA outbursts are discovering that they’re not crazy or depressed, but have a neurologic condition that’s treatable.


  • Silver, Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Campaign,
    DMA International ECHO™ Award
  • Finalist, Patient Education Campaign of the Year,
    2015 Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Awards


bulletCimzia Crohn’s Disease Consumer Platform Development

The Challenge:

To establish a provocative and compelling positioning and campaign that delivers maximum impact to help compensate for a limited budget against a low incidence category. (500-700k CD sufferers in the U.S.)

Elegant Solution:

‘I trust my gut’™ print campaign makes use of a common colloquialism to evoke the physical and emotional patient benefits of being able to control Crohn’s disease. Use of the word ‘gut’ provides an immediate category cue in a positive way: a rare feat for this condition. The ‘sun on the tummy’ mnemonic provides an additional proprietary creative asset that has proven to translate extremely well across media channels and platforms, and brings a sense of warmth and hope to CD patients.

CD is a condition that can feel very isolating, often keeping people inside near a bathroom and out of potentially awkward social situations. The use of real patients visualized in outdoor, social situations strikes a powerful chord for CD sufferers—signaling that they, too, could trust their gut and return to enjoying life to the fullest.

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An additional one-third page is an important ‘closer’, reinforcing and adding to the communication’s branding and messaging.

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Champion Results:

In monadic quantitative testing, the campaign achieved strong motivation, attention, relevance and on-strategy communication across a broad range of patient segments. Testing further demonstrated that the additional one third page ad unit added significantly to persuasion.
‘I trust my gut’ was launched in targeted print media and translated to the web, relationship marketing and in-office materials.

(website designed by Heartbeat Ideas)


bulletCimzia Rheumatoid Arthritis Consumer Launch

The Challenge:

How to carve out a differentiated and compelling campaign idea to generate awareness and action in a crowded marketplace with entrenched market leaders?

Elegant Prescription:

The ‘Better Grip on Life’ campaign uniquely dimensionalizes both the functional and emotional patient benefits of fast and lasting RA relief, with better control over life. The play on words and double entendre of “Better Grip” coupled with the use of visuals focusing on a strong human grip (pain and stiffness in the hands are the primary issue facing RA patients) resonates with RA patients and provides an upbeat expression of more fully engaging with life beyond just functional relief.

“Better Grip goes beyond Grip. It’s bigger, it’s about life….lets you grab hold of your illness…RA is a battle you have to win.” - RA patient

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The campaign incorporated an impactful 1/3 page unit featuring CIMZIA’s novel delivery system, developed with input from RA patients and in partnership with OXO GOOD GRIPs, to further increase visibility, persuasion, and enhance brand differentiation.

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Champion Results:

  • Excellent quantitative copy testing:

    - Exceeded 75% of DTC ads on breakthrough and outperformed competitive ads on reach potential, visibility and brand linkage. Persuasion also significantly better vs. control.

    - One third page unit provided incremental lift to persuasion, urgency and uniqueness while adding to brand imagery.
  • Campaign was successfully integrated across multiple channels and platforms: consumer print advertising, website and web advertising, and relationship marketing programs including in-office materials. (website designed by Heartbeat Ideas)

  • Campaign launched broadly 3rd Quarter, 2010 and is on track to meet/exceed BASES’ year-one brand awareness estimates.
  • WINNER: DTC National 2011: Best New Drug Launch Campaign


bulletCRM Strategy for a Top 50 Pharmaceutical Specialty Marketer

Do we have the right CRM strategy and priorities in place for maximum customer success--among both physicians and consumers?

  • Performed audit of current CRM strategy and learning; identified current gaps and needs.

  • Designed and initiated internal and external interviews across key industry leaders from technology and database vendors to Pharmaceutical and Consumer Marketers, RM specialists from both Manufacturers and Agencies.

  • Identified CRM best practices and opportunities for pharmaceutical marketers.

  • Enhanced existing CRM strategy and priorities, with actionable next steps. Also provided marketing input to design of Physician CRM tactics; reporting and analytics.

  • Assignment extended to help design Consumer CRM Backend support process and partners, including:
     - RFP to identify and select a new database vendor, and year long support to help bring them on in record time.

     - Design and Refinement of DTC/P CRM processes and metrics, including customer touch points, web integration, IVR, off line and on-line fulfillment, database management, reporting, and analytics; partner integration.

Metrics and Results:

  • New Consumer RM process and vendors in place that elegantly fulfill consumer expectations throughout complex RM streams and touch points across the treatment pathway, including awareness and RM conversion and retention programs.
  • Database and Backend support was ready to support complex launch programs for multiple brands in just 6 months post vendor selection.

         - In just 6 months of operation, over 1 million contacts were processed across multiple segments and streams, off line and web, to consumers across conversion and retention

         - Launch brand added almost 400k prospects and users to its database, and was able to promptly send out fulfillment or emails.

         - Dashboard reporting and analytics in place to monitor programs and initiate improvement

bulletDaytrana Pediatric Launch. The First and Only patch for ADHD


The Challenge:
How do you launch a new brand with a new dosage form into a predominately pill market? How do you get maximum impact against the target and synergies across media tactics? How do you do all this with one year to launch?

  1. Deep understanding of the customer, their needs and concerns, and their stories through customer research and interpretation.
  2. Identifying the emotional and functional benefits of the patch to the target customers and caregivers.
  3. Working with the clinical and regulatory team to identify the most meaningful claims.
  4. Identifying a bold creative idea that is own-able and that the brand can rally around; one that ideally can transcend consumer advertising alone, and can help position the brand across all tactics and customers alike.
  5. Leveraging this simple idea in an integrated way across media and the entire treatment pathway.

Elegant Prescription:

Retouched Patch #3


daytrana ad

Metrics and Results:

  • Excellent quantitative copy testing:
  1. Top Quartile Recall, Reach-ability
  2. Exceptional Persuasion vs. Control
  • Key communication idea translated across consumer advertising, web, and relationship marketing tactics, including retention program for new Daytrana users called STICK “Strategies To Improve Coping for Kids and families”
  • Post launch, “Stick It to ADHD” translated to Physician detail aids and communications.

bulletEpiPen Emergency Anaphylaxis Consumer DTC launch

bulletPrescription Vaniqa Restage by SkinMedica


The Challenge:
How to assess a current DTC program? Identify leaky buckets?  Improve ROI? What is the role of the physician in driving brand growth and how should scarce brand resources be deployed?

  1. Rigorous audit of current DTC strategy and tactics across the entire treatment pathway, including awareness, conversion and retention identified meaningful insights and potential leaky buckets to plug.
  2. New segmentation and customer research identified the highest priority targets, messages and consumer strategies. 
  3. Positioning and creative brief modified to reflect learning; new DTC branded DRTV ad developed.
  4. Web conversion and retention tactics designed and modified to leverage and improve ROI.

Elegant Prescription:


Metrics and Results: 

  • New Vaniqa DRTV campaign achieved 50% improvement in CPL metric.
  • Website improvements and new packaging and promotional tactics in place to help improve web communications and consumer action.

bulletUCB Unbranded Rheumatoid Arthritis Direct Response TV Campaign


The Challenge:

To develop a consumer campaign to capture an unprecedented volume of highly qualified, cost effective leads of diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis patients, while competing not only against other RA efforts, but against all TV clutter too.

Elegant Prescription:

‘I’m Different’ is a comprehensive unbranded direct response campaign designed specifically to help RA patients exercise and stay active. The 60 second ‘I’m Different’ TV campaign is built on the insight that every RA patient feels that their RA is different. Mary, a real RA patient, delivers the message in a straight forward and heartfelt manner, and provides a new face to the stereotypical imagery of RA as an ‘old person’s disease’. Her words are brought to life by animated line drawings which illustrate key points in a unique and engaging way. Mike Harper, Director of Fitness Instruction with The Cooper Institute, introduces the fitness offer to lend credibility to the rigor and authenticity of the UCB exercise program and its overall health benefits.

My RA Fit Kit™ is a free, customizable fitness program designed specifically for the RA patient. Consumers are directed to the My RA Fit Kit website to personalize their fitness program and to view exercises. (website designed by Heartbeat Ideas)

View Our :60 DRTV Commercial:


Champion Results:

  • Strong quantitative copy testing: Exceeded 70% of DTC ads on visibility potential.
  • After first in-market TV flight, the campaign delivered results far exceeding client goals.
    - Volume of Qualified lead goal: >200% of goal
    - Cost/Qualified Lead (CPQL): more than 50% below target
  • Finalist 2011 DTC National Awards for “Best Integrated Campaign”

bulletVyvanse Pediatric Launch

silver medal


aster award



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