Consumer Insights: observation, reflection and imagination

The most elegant solution is not easy — it just looks that way. Getting there demands experienced, disciplined, patient analysis and interpretation as well as creativity: to find the singular way to leverage your brand’s budget.

Here's how we forge elegant solutions in a complex consumer world:

bulletIdentify the Customer insight(s) that can drive brand growth.

This requires thorough observation, reflection and imagination to get inside the hearts and minds of consumers and interpret how they really think. We dig deep to uncover what social scientists call “human universals”. We go beyond focusing on only what consumers ‘say’ which often produces more speak around attributes and functional benefits to also understand their deepest emotions and unfilled needs. We don’t just look for small differences among target consumers, but also for the similarities and the context in order to better understand what is truly meaningful.


bulletWork to develop a Focused and Elegant Strategy.

This requires careful scrutinizing of the internal and external environment, how you stack up vs. competition and identifying strategic options and a differentiated positioning. It also requires making smart strategic choices to insure focus behind the strategies and tactics that will drive the greatest growth and leverage resources. In this regard, “less is often more”.


bulletPropel Exceptional Execution to delight customers.

It’s as important as the strategy, and not easy to do well. Keeping an eye on customer touch points and deliverables, designing to both communicate and dialogue with customers. Create unique experiences. Great execution is rewarded with delighted customers and superior ROI.


bulletEstablish a continuous learning and feedback loop.

Strategic Marketing is a continual process requiring institutionalizing the tracking of metrics, competitive actions and market place changes, coupled with a mood of collaboration, reflection and learning. If changes are required; we work to make them quickly and decisively. Ensure this learning and feedback loop is a legitimate step not to be overlooked

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