10 Questions for Lifecycle Planning

Are you getting the most out of every phase of your product lifecycle?

Bringing the curve forward to get quicker sales, extending the sales curve on the back end, or simply achieving a higher sales curve than originally planned could mean millions in sales and profits and more patients’ benefit.

Consider these 10 critical questions to help ensure your lifecycle planning is optimized:

  1. Is a clear, well-thought-out and actionable life cycle plan in place?

    Including: global expansion; additional indications/claims, possible new indications in a new therapeutic area; potential OTC Switch, possible follow-on products; and timetable and resources to make it all happen?

    Does the team have a firm understanding of which strategic elements can drive the most business and move the curves, forward, backward or higher?

  2. Is the right team in place, with cross functional and multi-customer experience?

  3. Are you leading ongoing strategic dialogues across the company and with senior management about the life cycle plan (and not just the business at hand)?

    Is the lifecycle getting its due discussion and priority or is the rest of the company focused on other business and  “short term” results?

  4. Is there sufficient rigor behind scenario planning, identifying opportunities and priorities for success, potential pitfalls?

    Is this clearly understood throughout the team and organization such that key strategies and new clinical learning can be quickly integrated?

  5. Has Competitive Gaming been considered to help sort through strategic options and priorities, and enable your brand to out-maneuver your competition?

  6. Has OTC switch assessment been considered upfront so proper planning and foundation can be laid prior to launch and commercialization?

  7. Is there a firm understanding of the role and impact of each customer on the business, and how to best maximize each one’s potential and success?

    And has the timing for each been considered? Is there an advantageous order of implementation that will generate more value?

  8. Has the role and timing of global expansion been vetted and prioritized?

  9. Are the right resources in place: money, people, and timing to sustain the focus and priority of lifecycle planning?

    Those who can really bring it to life and make some big things happen?

  10. Are you earnestly focusing on the lifecycle planning early enough in your product’s life cycle?



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