Loretta G. Jamar

With thirty years of business experience, including research and office management as well as a diversified nursing career, Loretta Jamar brings strong analytic and delivery skills, as well as a solid grasp of medical knowledge to Advance MarketWoRx.

Loretta began corporate work at NUS Consulting (a leading utility cost management consulting firm) as a Research Analyst for Data Collection and the Recovery Audit.   She was instrumental in building a cost control process that is still in use today.  Loretta developed administrative and data processing skills as Executive Assistant in Marketing at Wang Laboratories Inc, Digital Equipment Sales, and Phillip Morris Marketing. 

Loretta is a licensed RN and worked for several years in Pediatric and Ob/Gyn specialties, as well as  broadening  her skills in Orthopeadics, Med-Surgery, Oncology, Emergency Family Care, and Extended Care. Her interests in organization and research led her to develop the nursing care plans used for several rehabilitative care facilities.

Loretta’s work at Advance MarketWoRx combines her medical knowledge, research skills and administrative strengths to provide ingenious and continuous execution.

Loretta has five children and is a grandmother of five; she is a Licensed Foster Parent for medically "fragile" children with "Special Needs".  Her community involvement includes special fund-raising projects for the Pediatric AIDS foundation, and the Atlanta Project - The Carter Center.




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