Marsha Shenk

Marsha is a pioneer in Business Anthropology. Founding The BestWork® People in 1980, she introduced a new way of catalyzing peoples’ best work.  Her models have been applied with leaders from the Fortune 10 to small service firms, resulting in highly profitable strategies: greatly boosting productivity and loyalty and creating new markets, products, and services. Marsha is known for using Game Theory to enable executives to lead the market: winning in a game that only they can see, in which others must compete.

The focus of Marsha’s practice is top performance. Over the past thirty years, her work has seen her clients deepen competitive gaps and sustain market leadership. Dozens of senior teams have used her Master Moves™ to generate new value, sustain an appetite for change, and make sound decisions for investing in further learning.

Marsha’s education began at Reed College, and includes doctoral study at UCLA and Berkeley.



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