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Advance MarketWoRx simplifies the complexities of consumer and pharmaceutical healthcare marketing.
  We bring demanding innovative standards to strategy, planning, execution, and measurement within a full range of strategic marketing services that can span US or Global; brands, categories, or portfolios; brands in early-stage development or established; DTC 2.0; or external development and licensing.

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bulletStrategy and Scenario Planning; Competitive Gaming and Actions

Explore new opportunities and scenarios for growth. Invent and map powerful strategies with an eye to competition, evolving customer needs and behaviors, external factors and internal strengths and growth/profit objectives.

We take a unique and holistic approach to competitive gaming and action plans. Bringing together internal teams with outside partners, we design scenario planning to ask, "How can we do it better?" and thus catalyze innovation.

By asking critical questions – digging at the “what if’s” -we gain additional perspective. Our gaming includes extensive prioritization and development of critical ideas beyond typical brainstorming.  Through targeted market research, customer focus, and perseverance, we generate key ideas to block competitive threats.


bulletSegmentation and Targeting: Identification and Prioritization

Design and interpret traditional and non-traditional research to intelligently and actionably segment your marketplace, prioritize high-potential targets, and reveal critical insights to motivate them.

We optimize ROI by identifying the highest potentials targets, and aligning them with the right messaging and frequency.

We’re expert at transforming targeted segments into productive business action across all types of marketing, from broad based awareness to targeted relationship marketing, web, and direct contact strategies.


bulletBrand Positioning and Translation to Creative Brief and Brand Story

With customer research and business vision in-hand, our goal is to inspire a differentiating core brand idea that tells a unique, simple, relevant, and resonating story. Fuse target and critical insights with the most motivating and own-able promises and proof points.

We explore positioning from every angle to find the best fit for brand growth: it must also be easily adaptable across customer segments and product offerings, and easily understood by employees and external partners alike.


bulletNew Product Launch or Annual Brand Planning - Soup to Nuts

Assess your business needs, craft strategies and tactics to drive business objectives and ROI, and ensure that powerful metrics are in place for measurement and learning.

Whether acting as the primary driver or as a member of your brand team for added support, we can work with strategy and/or take you through execution; for one customer, or support your team with them all.


bulletDirect-to-Consumer/Patient (DTC/P) Development Strategic Audits

Drive success and ROI of DTC/Customer programs throughout the treatment process, including awareness, conversion and retention; from broad based to targeted efforts, traditional DTC advertising to web and relationship/viral marketing or PR/event marketing. We also oversee backend support, market research objectives, design and interpretation, identifying the right metrics and custom measurement plans.

Working in partnership with brand team and internal and external partners, it all adds up to efficiently and effectively identifying and translating consumer insight into elegant marketing action.  We conceive, develop and implement well-integrated Consumer/Customer strategies and tactics that provide the most bang in the marketplace and fit your brand strategy and strengths.

We can assess your current DTC/P internal processes, programs and campaigns along the buying/treatment process to identify any ‘leaky’ buckets that might drain ROI. This would include evaluating CRM strategy and backend integration feeding into program delivery and analytics.  We can also look at your DTC programs across customers and brands within your portfolio to maximize synergies and learning.

We can support you to identify and select the right agency for your business, help with RFP design and oversight, or help insure that the agency collaboration you have is working at its best and stays that way.


bulletLifecycle Planning and Customer Optimization, including Rx-to-OTC

Undertake a 360 customer view to life cycle planning:  optimize molecular discovery and strengthen your brand promise. Strategic assessment of customer needs and gaps - key insights - leads to the ideal role that molecule and product(s) can play during their commercial life. Staying ahead of the process sets the stage for full optimization and return, and avoids closing potentially important doors.

Our OTC and Pharmaceutical backgrounds, as well as in-line OTC switch experience, provide special expertise in the area of OTC switch assessment, strategy, planning and execution.


bulletClinical Planning;Pull-through Customer Insights to Improve Results

Analysis and rigor identify unmet needs and gaps by key customers and segments. We marry these insights with brand objectives and clinical assessments of your molecule to strengthen strategies and priorities for clinical planning — prior to FDA approval and/or post-launch. Taking a broad customer view that digs deep into high potential segments, ensures that clinical plans and studies deliver competitive messaging and meaningful differentiation in the marketplace.


bulletCustomer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Planning and Analytics

Assess your current CRM strategy, execution and analytics to optimize customer learning and satisfaction. This includes database strategy and management, relationship marketing and touch points, backend support, analytics and reporting. While not technical experts, we are expert in how to apply technology to strategy, business and customer needs — translating technology into competitive marketing advantage in the real world.

Working with your team and partners, we design custom metrics and match-back programs to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and to improve ROI.


Our methods are highly flexible. Outsource to Advance MarketWoRx, or put us to work with your brand team and partners to optimize growth, profitability, and learning — adding more firepower and strength to your bench.



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